Strategic Alliances »

To add to our capability to provide a complete service to our clients and for project development SHREWS has formed strategic alliances with several established and respected companies in related fields.

Technical Partners International Inc. /TP Riga (TPI)/ (, is an experienced project engineering company based in Riga, Latvia. TPI have an experienced team offering a range of services which complement those of SHREWS. Ed Kalvins, the CEO, has joined the SHREWS team as well and brings useful project engineering experience as well and local knowledge of the Baltic States.

Anglo Nordic Bioenergy SA (, an experienced bioenergy company based in Stockholm, Sweden. ANB have wide experience of technologies for biomass and waste and extensive experience in sourcing and trading biomass (chips and pellets).

Your Environment ( ) specialises in site survey, treatment of contaminated land and the management of waste handling and permitting.

CBRNE Ltd ( focusses on security and risk minimisation for businesses, ensuring continuous interrupted operation of plants. Their service includes the safe handling and treatment of hazardous materials such as clinical and other hazardous wastes as well as low level nuclear waste, off of which can be a feedstock for energy from waste plants.

SZMA V SIA ( – a specialized construction, engineering and management company which offers its customers and partners a wide range of services:

• Design, installation and maintenance of electrical, automation, fire extinguishing and telecommunications’ systems;
• Construction of energy from biomass and waste (EfB/W) cogeneration projects;
• Construction of water supply, sewerage systems, sewage disposal plants and pumping stations;
• Installation and fabrication of steel structures of varying degrees of difficulty;
• Installation of industrial pipelines;
• Insulation works;
• Corrosion prevention works;
• Civil works.

The work performed by the company is based on the requirements of existing standards in the Republic of Latvia, as well as on the national standards of other countries and industry standards of enterprises, used at the request of the Customer. “SZMA V” works in compliance with the certified quality system ISO 9001:2008.