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SHREWS Ltd is proud to announce the availability of Oilsorb products in the UK

Oilsorb is the leading product for absorbing oil, both in filters and as a material for emergencies such as oil spills on water, at petrol stations or in garages, accidents involving oil spills and in salvage. Oilsorb is available both as a loose material for spreading over the spill and in purpose designed packages to meet special circumstances and address specific needs.

A water absorbing product WSorb is also available for use, as an example in disaster recovery incidents.

Oilsorb has the advantages of being

  • environmentally benign
  • biodegradable
  • exceptionally high absorbency
  • safe to use by operatives
  • floats with the advantages for absorbing oil spills on water.
  • simple application
  • can be manufactured in situ

Oilsorb is fully certificated for use.

Oilsorb and WSorb are manufactured in Estonia or they can be manufactured on site if demand justifies. The products have become the market leaders in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belarus and Russia.

Oilsorb is now available from SHREWS Ltd.

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