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SHREWS Ltd (Scotia Holdings in Renewable Energy and Waste Systems) is a solution driven company in renewable energy, focussing on small scale combined heat and power from residual wastes and biomass. We seek to achieve high levels of energy recovery.  

Our team has a strong environmental and business background and focuses on delivering projects.

SHREWS Ltd. works through the project cycle from:

  • inception of the idea
  • definition of the project
  • technology solution
  • preparation of the business plan
  • planning and permitting
  • application for funding
  • project implementation
  • delivering the project

Opportunities arise everywhere so the company has also been involved in technology companies, business parks, forest industries investments, automated car parking ….  amongst other things.

SHREWS Ltd acts as project developers on their own behalf and work for others, either as direct advisors for an agreed fee or sometimes on a carried interest basis.

If you have a waste stream or a biomass source and want to expand your business into renewable energy, or have a site suitable for a project, we would like to hear from you.

Equally if you have a solution or a technology that could be an opportunity in markets you are not familiar with, mainly the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, Russia and West Africa, we would like to hear from you.