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Jamie has been a Director of SHREWS Ltd since 1998 during which time he has promoted advanced thermal waste treatment technology throughout Scotland.  This involves the search for suitable sites, securing options on the land, investigating the potential waste streams and consumers of the electrical and heat output, drafting plans that meet with community approval, and obtaining planning permission for the site.  Key to this is ensuring that decision makers at central and local government level are aware of the role that the technology can play in an integrated waste management strategy and as a contribution to renewable energy output.  This means fully responding to consultation papers and meeting representatives of agencies and local authorities in order to influence policy.

Jamie’s particular strength has been in identifying the impacts of these types of developments on local communities and neighbourhoods, and other stakeholders, and addressing local concerns through consultation at a very early stage in the development process.  He sees the need for sensitivity in the development of proposals which are likely to be viewed as controversial and brings experience of dealing with local communities to such matters.  Jamie recently co-ordinated the team that secured a planning permission for an energy from waste plant on a site at Dumfries that was seen as controversial.

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Dormont, LOCKERBIE, Dumfriesshire DG11 1DJ

Telephone/Fax: +44 (0) 1387 840222

Email:  jamie.carruthers@shrews.co.uk